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. Shahrukh KhanPeacock Production is a Houston, USA based Films and TV Programs Production Co. We have sound connections in the field of Production, Distribution and Animation in the USA and India. If you have a project (location hunting, production or post production) that you would like to produce in USA or in India please contact us. .

Peacock Productions is in the process of making a TV film and is looking for good Madhuri Dixittalented actors who would like to get a break in the industry. Characters range from young to old. See where you fit in and send in three UNTOUCHED photographs a closeup, side profile and full length (front). You should be able to speak good Hindi or Udru. Please send in your contact information, your acting experiences(if any), role you are applying for and your hobbies.

We are looking for:
1. Father 40-45yrs
2. Mother 35-40yrs
3. Grandfather 60yrs and very energetic
4.Grandmother 55yrs
5.Our hero 20-22yrs
6.Brother 10-15yrs
7.Friend, male 10-15yrs
8.Sister 18-19yrs
9.Our heroin 18-20yrs
10.Swami 55-60yrs
11.Servant 45-50yrs
12.Sister's friend male 19-20yrs.

The above ages are of the characters. You can be few years younger or older than the character you are applying for. In any case, send in your info. Let us be the judge.

Mail to:
Peacock Productions
P.O. Box #36270
Houston, Tx-77236

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